Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jimmys 28th Birthday!!!

Okay, we celebrated Jimmy's birthday early December and I took a couple cute shots of Daddy and kiddos but I think they are on the 'real' camera???? Here is one of them the other night before headin off to bed. I was actually the one reading to them until HE got home and they ditched me for daddy! We had a fun day making cookies and playing games with the fam...then the little ones were shipped off to Aunt Bai's and we were swooped up by the limo. Yeah, we thought we were living the high life, til the limo company decided to charge extra dinero to my cc card and after calling and calling, voice mail after voicemail, that sucker still hasn't reimbursed me!! I am still calling at least once a day, I might have to march my happy lil self into Scottsdale and handle things in person. I am trying to avoid that because, I'm sorry, Bai, but you know I will have to take the little angels to you for a couple of hours. On that note, I just wanna say that Jimmy and I really do appreciate all the time you are willing to spend with Jameer and Jayla. They can definitely be a handful and when you throw Brody in there...it's a zoo!!! I think, maybe cuz all three of them do NOT know what an inside voice is........
"they get it from their mama(s)!!"

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