Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This is the ONLY pic I took with my camera phone on Christmas morning. We had the video camera going and let me tell you how retarded I am... Grampa Leo and Gramma Penny came over early on Christmas day to watch the kids open their presents. I was so busy helping put together this toy or put a battery in that on that I didn't notice that I also received a present. Jimmy was behind the recorder as he went to the side room, pushed a huge flat screen tv into the room, went and sat behind me and I didn't notice it for about 20 minutes. I took Jameer outside, we rode his trike around, and when I walked in I saw it and thought he brought it out when we were outside. Anyway, it was a lovely gift and I can now lay in my bed and watch tv while Jimmy is on the 360...yeah! What a thoughtful husband, or is that because he wanted more time on the game w/o me asking to watch tv???

Now on to the kids, who I always say I will not spend more than a certain amount... never fails that I go waay over my limit every year! Maybe I should have spent even more and bought a bike that Jameer actually fits! Don't laugh at that giant riding the little trike! (It will be Jayla's soon.) He just did not look like he was going to manage a big boy bike when we were doing our "toy test run" in the store! I wish I would have known he would catch on as quick as he did, then I would have got the other. Jayla's Christmas was full of baby dolls and barbies. She loves to push her baby around in her stroller everywhere she goes. It's so cute to see her being such a "girl." The other day we went out to eat and I put Jayla in a dress and put her bracelet on and fancy little shoes and she was struttin her stuff! Jameer asked me if she was a princess and kept referring to her as "the princess."

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The Prince Family said...

I DID laugh out loud when I saw that pic of Jameer. He is such a tall lil man!

How funny you had no clue about the tv but how NICE it is to be able to watch your mtv shows in the comfort of your bed!!!

Melissa said...

Yeah! You are back to blogging. I was wondering what happened to you. I'm so jealous of the t.v! That's awesome! Leave it to the men to buy the women t.v's. Sounds like a duel-present to me (one for you AND him).

{Mullins} said...

what a cute hubby...although i guarantee it's more xbox time..as nate and half of their stinkin work buddies are on right now at 12:30am! ;)

azmtncat said...

Grandpa and Me had so much fun watching the kids play on Christmas morn. Jameer will need something with an engine soon!!! Love you guys.