Sunday, April 5, 2009

wut up chuck

jameer knocked jayla off the couch a couple weeks ago and she just layed on the floor on her back. i didnt see her pop up so i went over to her and it kinda scared me cause she was whimpering a lil but not moving. normally i would just pick her up but i start thinking the worste...what if she had a broken neck or somethin serious. i asked her to get up herself and she did, but slowly. shes okay with that now, but for the next few minutes, maybe half hour, she just layed on the couch trying to go to sleep. k, this aslo, not normal. just before this, my kids were nonstop bouncing off the walls. she also took a late nap so shouldnt be tired. she did start crying after she picked herself up for a lil bit, on and off. all the sudden she screams out, "my head hurts! my neck hurts!" by this time it had been a godd hour or 2, so when she said this i thought, maybe she started to get the cold that everyone else had the week before that hasnt cleared out the house. so, my smart self, i give her tylenol. we sat down to eat some shrimp pasta and she chucked everywhere! within 2 minutes of me giving her tylenol and one bite, it was over! jameer looked at her then at me and told me "jayla just threw up. its all over but not on me." how glad i was that we were in the kitchen and not on my sofa or carpet. stinky forever! ok, put her in bath and nurse calls back...bad idea to give tylenol to a kid that just hit her head. doc says no worries and i can let her sleep. throwing up from stress (and the tylenol). she kept a bowl next to her(just in case) and every now and then i heard her trying to throw up and then say, "mom, i cant throw up." after the bath, she had to get a band aid on her head cuz it hurt and after that she asked for one on her throat cuz that hurt too. if thats all it took, i would never have given her tylenol.

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kristi*jansen said...

j*me! that is SO scary- i am so glad she's ok!! poor girl :(

Briana said...

Jamie, I don't have your personal email and don't know if you Facebook, but I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!!! Hope it's a special day for you!

Love ya!

The {Prince} Family said...

Okay the band-aid on her head is SO adorable. And how scary for YOU. Head injuries are ALWAYS nerve-wracking.

So glad she is A-okay!