Friday, April 3, 2009


took the little rugrats to the dentist today and jameer has absolutely perfect teeth! yeah!!! jayla... well, thats another story. this girl has an extra incisor that is between her two front incisors on top. it hasnt broken through yet, but it is a baby tooth that could come anytime. doc says it looks like it is slightly behind the other two in the roof of her mouth. totally hereditary..levi has a jammed up mouth and extra teeth everywhere. not gonna lie, i had to get braces cuz mine were overlapping in the bottom with overcrowding and two fangs in the top. jayla also has somewhat of two "buck" teeth that turn slightly out as well. the two top incisors arent only gapped with an extra piece of skin (from daddy) that even with braces wont close it, but has kellies "buckness" as well. of course my son would be the one with a wonderful smile and my daughter has the jacked up grill and will need braces. jayla is truly a little bit of all of us. that aside, we had NO cavities! yeah, thats what im talkin bout! and both kids got to bring home some cool sunglasses and the "goodie bag" with toothpaste and toothbrush and stuff. they LOVE the dentist! i wont tell them the truth about dentists till later. i, personally, HATE the dentist! still dealing with a bad crown right now, so they get no love from me. maybe if i got to wear some sunglasses while getting worked on???

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The {Prince} Family said...

Okay I totally LOL when you used "grill"