Saturday, April 4, 2009


Jameer has been asking me for the past 2-3 months where Josslynns neck was. he'll say, "mom, i cant see her neck, i cant find it. where is her neck?" then he'll start getting mad and really go looking for it. the other day, on the way home from the gym, he blurts out, "mom, i found her neck!" she looked to the side to see jayla and he must've been looking at her at the same time to see it. he was so excited!

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bailey said...

only funny. im liking this idea where you are updating your blog. now pictures...can you handle that?

Penny said...

Yea, even tho I don't update mine (I will soon) I still read yours. Love the neck story. lol on that one.

The {Prince} Family said...

hahahahaha! Too funny! And btw yay for you updating your bliggity-blog!