Tuesday, March 31, 2009


you think so many people(including myself) would be overweight if we had to walk around naked??? seriously, if we never knew clothes, so it wasnt indecent or anything, just no clothes. then we would be all out there. ya know, everybody seeing you for just who you are. clothes hide ALOT! thats another reason being pregnant is so fun, cuz you have a cute belly and its okay.

not so much after the baby gets here is that belly so cute anymore. i know its mostly me, but i have NEVER had this much trouble gettin back right. shopping is now only good if im looking for gym clothes, and even then...theres that muffin! you know, the belly fat that gathers above your pants and pooches out, again, not so cute. yet, i will still find myself occasionally hitting up krispie kreme or cold stone or even DQ??? why is that? so, im just gonna stop wearing clothes altogether and we shall see if that causes me to start eating less and making sure the gym is my friend 5 days a week????

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Heiner Happenings said...

Yeah! You are staying up to date on your blog! Your too funny Jamie, I miss your spunky,bratty attitude. Glad to see all is well, even though you feel as if you cant keep your head above water sometimes...We all need to get out together again to catch up more-

I bet your legs are still awesome though huh?! I'd give just about anything to have your legs!!:)

Penny said...

HAHAHAHA. Funny cause I think you look FAB! Miss you xxxooo.

Bryan & Celinda said...

Jamie you ALWAYS look AMAZING!! I am SUPER jealous!! I would KILL for your BODY!! 3 kids has been good to you...3 kids has KILLED ME!! We need to get together sometime. :)

The {Prince} Family said...

Shut up about this post. If anyone looks HOT after 3 kids, it's YOU. You should see ME naked.

NO thanks.

Melissa said...

yep...saving my money for a tummy tuck.