Monday, March 30, 2009

early morning

gotta go to work in the! wish i could stay at home all the time. even if i have the chance to be home when my kids act out...jameer wont shut up about the xbox and how he asks to play every 5 seconds and when he does get to play, the tantrums he throws when hes told to get off or jayla whining cause she wants to hold you or her head hurts, or she needs medicine cuz her neck hurts(drama queen) or josslynn decides she wants to eat for the second time in 2 hours... kinda makes me wanna shove them all back up and be a happy preggo, cute, lil mamma again. i would still take those days over watching someone elses kids all day long. i see the juvies at work more than my own, and it never seems long enough or that i did enough with the two days off that i have. waking up at 4:30 kills ya, cuz even tho i get off at 2pm, i am so tired that i wanna nap the rest of the afternoon. no fair to the kids so, most of the time, i dont. but, once the kiddos are all in bed, jimmy wants to start a movie, which by this time, its around 9pm and i get elbowed at every 5-10 minutes cause im falling asleep. the other night i woke up in the middle of watching "the wire" and saw that jimmy had already turned it off and turned his game on. gave up on me already. so then i have him complaining that i cant ever stay up with him. i think, i have to propose a new situation that will solve everthing... ill stay at home! that way i will be able to stay up late with the hubby and nap with the kids during the day, keep up with the laundry and clean up on a daily rather than getting done what i can without being a zombie! i know this will never happen, but one can dream, no?

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Grimsley Gang said...
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Penny said...

I say WOO HOO! The kids will LOVE it if you'd stay home. And you'll get your rest. Love ya.

The {Prince} Family said...

YES stay home and come play with me! I hear ya on the tired-ness. Parenting is EXHASTING.