Saturday, December 13, 2008

Temple lights

gramma penny and the rest of the fam (minus Jimmy, dad and Levis fam) decided to visit the Temple extra early this year. We went last weekend and there were SOOO many people there!

Brody was SO happy to see us, specially his buddy, jameer.

Me and the kiddos.

whit, me, jameer, n jayla

Goodbye to all!!

i think we will be hitting up the scottsdale train park again this year. it wont be nearly as fun as last year without all the free rides. we walked in to the park and started riding the rides w/o buying any tickets, we just thought it was part of the holidays. no, not so. started to look around and notice everyone in wheelchairs and walkers. we stopped and read one of the signs that was posted ion the middle of the park that read something about a special night for kids with disablities. Boy did we feel silly, but then started to think why nobody said anything or kicked us out??? im thinking who is it that was the one blending in??? hopefully we go on the right night this year! the kids are looking forward to the train rides and carousel.

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Briana said...

I love seeing pictures of your family. Your mom looks as great as ever...just like Barbie. And I remember Bailey and Whitney as toddlers, so it's crazy to see them all grown up. You look amazing, too. Congrats again on the new baby!

Kellie said...

What! Am I chopped liver?!! Better be ready to go again when we get there. :-)

Penny said...

Wow! Great fun was had but Kel we can go back for more!! We'll take Papa Leo this time.

The {Prince} Family said...

Uh... you forgot Kellie you nerd! You better watch out, she can still beat you in a race. :)

Looks cold but fun!!!