Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Our computer has been out of wack for the last month or two and I havent posted anything, but that could just be from simple laziness on my part. My awesome bro-in-law came in town to celebrate my moms BIG 50 birthday and decided to pull an all-nighter to basically rebuild my computer. That guy is a genious! I tried to get him to go to sleep at 5 am but I guess when he starts something, he just cant stop! I know jimmy tried to stay up with him and lasted till bout 3am (Im sure Halo and sports center helped with that) but Tony stuck it out! BIG thanks to Kel who lended us her hubby all night long on the 1st night of their little vacation back home. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The kids got their pictures taken by my sisters sister-in-law (if ya follow me) at the beginning of the summer and I never got around to posting them, so before I get more taken, Im gonna show em of now! I love these little kiddos, even tho they werent very cooperative and wanted to wrestle each other down every 5 seconds! Thanks to Aleiah for all her patience with the gorgeous terrors!

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The {Prince} Family said...

SO cute! I need to get my kiddos done soon. Good luck getting 4 kids to smile right?

Melissa said...

cute pics!