Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Special Moment

So, Jameer and I shared a special moment this morning. He woke me up around 6:45am asking to go to school. Instead of getting him ready and into his school clothes right away, I headed to the bathroom myself. Jameer followed me in and asked if I was going potty. I told him I was and he said, "you going dookie?" I said "no." He responded with, "well, I went dookie...right here." He pointed to his booty and waddled out of the room. I was dying laughing cause that boy will NOT go dookie in the potty! He tries everything to avoid it! Very frustrating, seeing how Mommy is the one that has to clean up the mess and make it all better (or Miss Sandee, she is such a great friend...and mom!) We have been potty training for the past month or so and he does great EXCEPT for the dookie (#2 for those of you who are still wondering what in the heck I am talking about!) Hopefully Jameer will get it right before Jayla passes him up! She is already trying to climb into the potty every time we head to the bathtub! I love those kiddos!

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The Prince Family said...

Ha ha ha! That makes me laugh (& GAG) everytime I think of it! He had more $h!t than you'd imagine! :)

I'd do anything for you Jme, even change your boys poopy undies.



Ya, the other night Iw as changing Brody and he said "brody dookie" . At least he understands what he's doing...just not exactly where to do it. And I loved that you labeled that a "Special Moment." THe school thing cute...dookie, no wieno!(Spanish spell check me)

azmtncat said...

Dookie or pukie..both no bueno. ( stuff but he'll pick it up. No worries.